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Counselling and

Yoga Works

in conjunction

for a healthy life


Counselling and Yoga

Sandy Beach



Why does Counselling and Yoga Work?

Supporting people to reach optimal health through talking therapy, breath, stretching, relaxation,  mindfulness and meditation.

What to expect in your first session

Attending your first session is a great achievement. You have made a decision and followed it through. Well done! The unknown is always nerve racking but I want to reassure you that I use a non-judgemental, empathic approach inline with the client centred humanistic counselling of my training. The key element of this first session is for you to feel safe and know that it is a confidential space in which to explore feelings and thoughts that cause you pain. There will be no pressure on you to talk about things that cause you pain, this is something you will decide yourself. I will be helping to sort out with you what areas you need help with, together we can begin to feel some hope of finding ways to resolve the pain you may be feeling. The whole aim of this session is for you to feel comfortable in my presence and heard. 

Carol has been a God send to me. I came to her a broken person with a lot of issues and demons. We have tackled my anxiety and I use breathing and meditation techniques to resolve my issues.                                   



Carol at the Devon Clinic has provided five of the six subsidised counselling sessions to date. She has skilfully provided space and time for me to reflect on the anxiety and stress I am experiencing which has come into sharp focus during the pandemic. Carol provides a balance of theoretical framework, care and constructive options and is helping me to work through my concerns. She manages my distress and tears with compassion and kindness. Carol uses a range of techniques to help me to promote my wellbeing, including breathing techniques, exercises, vagus nerve understanding and counselling. I am beginning to feel that some order could return to my world, and Carol’s integrated approach is making a very positive contribution to this.                                                                                    



Carol is absolutely amazing she has helped me with coping techniques for my anxiety that I use on a daily basis. My anxiety is not cured but it is now manageable and not taking over my life. Carol also provided some Bach Flower remedy to help my son with his anger which has had some very positive results.

Counselling is a talking therapy, Yoga is a science based on enhancing the physical body, mind, emotion and spirit.​

It's a perfect match, managing uncomfortable and sometimes painful emotions using: the breath mindfully, stretching those areas of the body which respond to fear and block energy, then learning to relax. 

Counselling is always present in a session,

in addition a physical approach using yoga breathing, relaxation and stretching is an always a popular and beneficial option.

Basic therapeutic yoga techniques are being used increasingly within psychological therapies, and with good reason; neuroscience research suggests that body-based practices increase neuroplasticity and improve affect regulation.

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