About Carol

My Mission

To support people in finding and sustaining their individual journey to Health, Well-being and Happiness.



My counselling experience has been both in private settings, GP surgeries whilst working as a Senior Mental Health Practitioner for the NHS and in New Zealand rural Golden Bay outreach team, South Island NZ.

In addition to using Counselling and Yoga therapy I embrace and use the effectiveness of the following modalities I have trained in:

  • Integrative Arts in Therapy and Education. (PLAY THERAPY)

  • IDT. Interactive Drawing Therapy

  • Bach Flower Remedies,

  • EFT,

  • Aromatherapy,

  • Reiki,

  • Imagework,

I have a background in teaching Yoga that spans over thirty years and includes using the tools of Yoga for clients in my role as a Nurse, Counsellor and Senior Community Mental Health practitioner with the NHS.

In my personal life I have lived in England, New Zealand and Wales and offered private and specialist classes within the NHS and one to one Yoga to a range of people's ages and abilities including:

  • Children's Yoga based in schools.

  • Mother and baby yoga and baby massage,

  • Meditation classes for sufferers of cancer,

  • Yoga for Women in refuge,

  • Anxiety management classes based in GP surgery,

  • Health and well-being workshops for NHS staff.


Whilst working in Leicestershire Partner shire NHS trust in 2017 I won the award in the Annual Celebrating Excellence Award Ceremony: category ‘Health and Well-being for staff’.

Following this I developed a project within the trust to introduce ways in which to integrate regular Health and Well-being events for community staff teams.

Application of Yoga to Counselling Sessions and Health and Well-being

I am delighted to be able to offer a combination of psychoeducation of the effects of Yoga practises with the practical application of breath exercises, stretching, relaxation and meditation either in a counselling session, therapeutic Yoga class and workshops for Health and Well-being.

I love working with people and seeing them open to the restorative tools they have within their body.

I love helping to bring a person back into centre to find that inner peace which is available, and to take on board techniques to alleviate fears, trauma and pain.

I know that Yoga and counselling works well for overcoming trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and enhancing health and well-being whether done in combination or separately.

My Journey

My Yoga Journey began whilst working as an Registered general nurse for people suffering Multiple Sclerosis . It was whilst helping on a weekend for people suffering MS at the YOGA for Health Foundation Bedfordshire in 1981, that the magic of integrating movement, breath control and visualisation lit the fire within for me.

I witnessed people moving with an ease with which they were previously unable and as a result emotionally feeling happier than before.

This was a kick start for me and now thirty plus years on my training in health models includes:

  • Registered Mental Nurse,

  • Community psychiatric nurse training

  • Registered General nurse,

  • Diploma in Humanistic Counselling,

  • Yoga for health Instructor,

  • Integrative Yoga Therapy 500hr Teacher training,

  • Bach Flower Remedy Consultations.

  • Diploma in Imagework used in psychotherapy

These have all been of use in supporting people to get back into alignment and balance and cope better with the often chaotic world we live in.

My hope is staunchly rooted in the sense that there is a way to cope through difficult times.

My passion lies in supporting people in finding their individual journey towards happiness, health and well-being.