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Click on the links below to open YouTube videos.

1.  Introduction to Breathing
•    useful explanations about the benefits of breathing awareness 
•    information about the breathing in anxiety, panic and low mood/depression

2. Square Breathing
•    regulating the breath 
•    gaining control over inspiration and expiration 
•    developing a rhythm to focus breathing on 
•    experiencing a self confidence in regulation of breath 
•    becoming very mindful of aspects of breathing eg; in, hold, out, hold

3. Straw Breathing
•    calming oneself down 
•    good to use when feeling pulled out of centre by emotions or busyness 
•    incorporates a feeling of grounding

5. Thoracic Breath
•    full expansion of lung capacity 
•    exercise for muscles of respiration 
•    building self confidence in body awareness

4. Diaphragmatic Breathing
•    massage the abdominal organs, good for digestive system 
•    excellent to regulate the breathing in preparation for relaxation 
•    calming, grounding breath good for anxiety symptoms

6. Mindful Stretch and Breathe
•    heighten awareness of centering and grounding energy released in stretching
•    mindful sequence of breath and simple stretch awareness

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